16 Unavoidable Conflicts When Applying For Jobs After Graduation

16 Unavoidable Conflicts When Applying For Jobs After Graduation

By Sophie MacCue

Are you graduating from CSU in 2014? Are you excited to finally start your career? If only it was that easy!

1. Entry-level you say? But must have at least 2 years of experience?

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2. Periodically updating your resume according to each new job summary.

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Any last minute attempt to try and make yourself look more experienced.

3. Awkwardly seeking out previous supervisors for recommendations.

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4. Internships you’re actually eligible for aren’t accepting recent graduates.

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Where was this job listing during the entirety of my college career?

5. Unpaid internships are all that’s listed.

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6. Or nothing at all comes up on literally all of the online job searches.

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7. Saving money working somewhere you despise, hoping you’ll get hired for a real job soon.

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8. Constantly comparing yourself to all your friends who got a job while still in college or immediately upon graduating.

9. Slowly going crazy second-guessing yourself about why you haven’t been hired yet.

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Is there something wrong with my resume?

10. Quickly learning that having a bachelors degree and a few internships doesn’t equal experience.

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11. Wasting time daydreaming about finally getting an interview.

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12. Being completely qualified for a job in another state and then “must have a valid [insert state] driver’s license.”

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What’s wrong with my Florida driver’s license? I can relocate!

13. Getting your 10th rejection email.

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At least I heard something, right? Maybe?

14. Making an account on jobfinder as a last resort to find any openings.

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*Sketchiness intensifies*

15. Always hearing this from friends and family: “Maybe you should have a fallback, just in case it doesn’t work out.”

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16. Doing work for free in order to get hired.

With time you’ll eventually learn to think optimistically about the future and starting your career. Until then…

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