Three ways to get ready for uni

Three ways to get ready for uni

If you’re about to start uni, you’re about to embark on a life-changing journey. Whether you’re moving out of home for the first time, getting the degree to start your dream career, or starting a course you’ve wanted to do for years – exciting times are ahead.

The best way to start your time at uni is to get prepared. And there’s no better way to get prepared than Orientation!

Orientation is a time to build friendships and networks that will help you through your course. It’s also a great time to find out about the academic and personal services available to CSU students, and get the essentials to help you get started.

Here are three things you can do to make sure you’re ready when Week 1 starts:

Online Orientation

Our Online Orientation is a collection of important information, tailored to your course area, campus and study mode. You’ll find out about the expectations we have of students at CSU, learn where to go to for help, and what support is available in your first year.

We recommend you work through the Online Orientation journey before your course starts, but you’ll always have access to this information if you want to refer back to it later.

Come along to O Week

We have workshops, info sessions and events on campus during O Week.  It’s a combination of social activities and vital course information, plus you can choose to take a campus tour or learn about issues like sustainability, sport or health.  For online students there’s a series of online presentations held over two weeks.

O Week runs from 13 to 24 February for online students, and 20 to 24 February for on campus students. Check out your program and start planning your schedule.

Attend your course information session

You’ll also find out whether you need to buy special equipment, uniforms or software for your course. Check your O Week program to find out when these sessions are on. They’re important to make sure you haven’t missed any crucial information, so you’re ready when classes kick off.

University should be the time of your life, so make the most of the weeks before the session starts so you can hit the ground running.