CSU Access and Disability Services

CSU Access and Disability Services

by Amy Carlon

Did you know Charles Sturt University (CSU) provides Access and Disability Services for students with a disability? Whether you are an on campus or online student, CSU can provide support and help minimise the impact of disability on your studies. They can provide study access plans to assist in accessing facilities, such as helping with timetabling of rooms if you use walking aids or potentially longer writing time in an exam.

I myself have a physical disability which limits me in standing for long periods of time and going up stairs. My disability also affects my writing abilities, such as sitting a long exam, and the ability to carry large objects. Here I have included what the disability services did for me, and what they can do for you.

Liaison Officer

After speaking to the disability services and registering I was provided with an amazing Liaison Officer to help me further. A Liaison Officer assists in helping you access facilities across the University, as well as providing your Study Access Plan.

Study Access Plan

I study photography and my degree is a very hands-on degree, so my study access plan has helped to inform my lecturers about my personal needs. My study access plan has given me classroom access that has enabled appropriate classrooms to be selected for my classes. I have also been given extensions when needed which has enabled the lecturers to understand my limitations and how this may affect my work.

Your disability is confidential, so you do not have to tell your lecturers extensive details of your disability. The Liaison Officer will ask you questions and provide you with a study access plan that will explain the basics to your lecturer, from here it is up to you if you wish to expand.

Access to disabled facilities and accommodation

The University can also assist you with on campus accommodation. I live on campus and was provided with a disabled room in close proximity to facilities, all with the help of my Liaison Officer. The disabled rooms on campus that I’ve seen, particularly in Wagga Wagga, are great. I have the space to use my wheelchair on days that I need it with the disability parking close by, as well as easy access to laundry facilities.

This service has been a great help over the past two years of university so whether you are a current student or starting at CSU in 2017 with a disability, be sure to register with the disability service or find out more via the student website.