Why participate in ALLaN workshops?

Why participate in ALLaN workshops?

Have you ever considered going to an Academic Literacy, Learning and Numeracy (ALLaN) workshop?

Well, I’ve finally had my first complete and interactive ALLaN Workshop! In the past, I used to watch the workshop recordings, but I would never finish the whole thing because I always end up doing something while “listening” to the workshop. Whenever this happened, I would realise out of nowhere that I had stopped listening and rewind the recording over and over again until I just gave up!

But this time, I made sure that I attended the workshop that I registered for and made sure that I gave the whole hour to it. And guess what? It was VERY informative, refreshing and honestly, I enjoyed interacting with the other students and the ALLaN member! From this experience, I have realised that participating in ALLaN workshops is something that I should make time for because:

  • It’s a reminder of how we should be studying and doing our assessments! For example, I’ve always known that it’s easier to finish an essay if I break down a whole 2,000 words piece into parts. But whenever it was time to do it, I would always end up spending hours doing the entire thing in one go or without really budgeting how much time I should spend for one day. From the ALLaN workshop (Introduction to Essay Writing) I was reminded that it would be less stressful and more comfortable if I broke down a 2,000-word essay into four parts instead
  • ALLaN workshops also give you a good ‘classroom’ experience. As online students it’s up to us to decide when we want to study and how, but, we can still miss that proper and vocal communication with a lecturer. Even though it may be easier for us to learn on our own or we just don’t have the time to attend classes, having this ‘classroom’ experience gives us a ‘proper student’ feeling which is something that we sometimes need to keep ourselves focused on our goal to learn
  • Apart from our face-to-face communication with the ALLaN member (our ‘lecturer’), ALLaN workshops give us the opportunity to discuss with other students about a topic in real time instead of waiting for our questions to be answered on a thread in Interact2.
  • The most important part of participating in ALLaN workshops is that you learn something new. We always have our way that works for us, or a lot of the time, we just end up rushing everything and have difficulties understanding our assessments or even just organising ourselves. The ALLaN workshops are beneficial for these skills. It helped me!

If it helped me, then it could help you!

ALLaN runs heaps of online workshops on all kinds of study skills, like essay-writing, referencing, memorising and general study skills. Check out all the upcoming workshops on the ALLaN website, and keep checking back, as more are added every month! Workshops run for an hour and you can join online from anywhere that suits you.