10 things you haven’t thought to pack yet

Students carrying backpacks
  1. Linen
    If there’s one thing that makes a place feel like home, it’s comfy bedding! If you have a favourite pillow or like to have plenty of throw cushions, bring them along to uni. You might not think of it now while the weather’s warm, but you’ll also thank yourself later if you pack an extra blanket for the chilly winter months. Pro tip – you can save space in the car by packing these bulky items in vacuum bags.
  2. Extension leads, power boards, adapters
    There is nothing worse than not being able to charge your laptop and phone while using the hair dryer before class in the morning. So, avoid the stress with these electrical solutions. It allows you to maximise the two sets (or less) of power sockets in your dorm room and multi task.
  3. First-aid kit
    It might sound convenient now to ditch packing a first-aid kit and buy medicines only when you come down with something. But, when you’ve been hit with ‘fresher’s flu’ all of a sudden (it happens!) you won’t want to be getting out of bed. So, prepare a small box or container now with all the medicinal essentials – which your parents probably already have at home – and be ever-ready to defeat those nasty bugs.
  4. Hangers
    It goes without saying, there’s not much use for a wardrobe without hangers. Though, for some strange reason, we commonly forget to bring some to campus. You will need some way to hang that job interview outfit!
  5. Photos, posters or anything to adorn plain white walls
    You might think you’ll be fine without memorabilia from home. However, homesickness does kick in, even for the coolest dormie. It is not much weight to pack so put some thought into what items from home will trigger you to reminisce when you might be feeling stressed and down or wishing you were home.
  6. Cleaning and laundry gear
    Admit it, you weren’t planning to clean your room or do the washing since there’s no one making you do the chores. Unfortunately, you can’t get away with it on campus because you are living with people who end up becoming like family. So, at least for them, wash your clothes to avoid a stench and vacuum the floor or wipe the shelves to keep your room fresh.  
  7. External hard drive
    As much as we believe in our devices, your lecturers won’t accept ‘computer failures’ as an excuse. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so be prepared with a hard drive or USB to keep backing up your assignments and notes. (And remember to actually back up the laptop every now and then).
  8. Umbrella
    What were you planning to do when a day of battering rain comes and you have to walk to your furthest classroom? Do it for yourself and pack an umbrella!
  9. Dress-up collection
    With a calendar full of events, pack some essential costume materials, such as a Hawaiian shirt or school tie, to be ready to dress-up for any occasion. You can also borrow from one another in your dorm so pack light! Also have one set of formal clothes for balls or presentations, and smart clothes for job interviews.
  10. Dressing gown and slippers
    If you’re sharing bathrooms in your dorm you’ll want something to cover yourself to and from your room, as well as something to protect your feet so you don’t step in something unwanted or have to walk on cold floors.