Why you should join your SRC

Do you enjoy making a difference in other people’s lives and the environment around you?
Do you enjoy creating events and projects?
Do you want to develop skills that will help you as a student and in your future career?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you should consider joining the SRC!

Nominations for the on-campus SRC and Online Study SRC are now open. By nominating, you will go into the running to be elected as an SRC member – which is an opportunity to make a positive impact on CSU’s student life.

What does the SRC do?

The SRC (Student Representative Council) help promote networking opportunities, share ideas for SSAF spending, work towards creating a better study environment, and raise ideas and issues with CSU decision makers. They are also the first point-of-call if a student has an issue or an idea they would like to submit for the benefit of other students.

The SRC also organise awesome events throughout the year, such as 80’s Prom Night on Bathurst campus. You’ll get a unique behind-the-scenes experience of some of the best events of the year, so nominate yourself now!

“We look to ensure mature age, online, international, on-campus and downtown students feel that they have a voice in how the university is operated. It is a rewarding and fun committee to be a part of, where you contribute to the history and the culture of CSU,” says Vittorio Travan, CSU Bathurst SRC President.

The benefits:

There are lots of benefits to joining the SRC on your campus. Being elected is awesome for your resume as you will get experience in organising events, sharing ideas, delivering goals and working on projects to improve student life.

You will develop skills valued in the workforce such as communication, time management, teamwork and building confidence in interview situations.

You will also have the opportunity to meet a lot of people and make some good friends!

International students are also able to nominate themselves and is a wonderful opportunity as Bathurst SRC member, Toufique Akbar Soomro, describes:

“It is great to work with them because they are doing a great job to arrange different events, provide financial support, all while improving our leadership and communication skills.  I improved my skills in listening and speaking English working with them. I recommend all international students to work with the SRC on their campus.”

What to do next?

Nominations are now open for all vacant positions on our SRCs. Only students can nominate to be part of a SRC. Nominations close at 5:00pm on Wednesday 25 July, 2018. Elections will run for each SRC from 8-15 August.

Apply now, nominate a friend, raise an idea or get in touch with your SRC!