5 ways to get the most out of Session 3

Session 3 is fast approaching and staying motivated during the holiday season can get tricky! We understand the struggle between knuckling down or partying away, so here are our top hacks to get the most out of this semester:

Hack #1 – Orientation

If this is your first session of Uni, check out your Orientation Portal. Take a pick from study workshops to Uni events and register for what you need the most! Orientation will help you settle into CSU life and kickstart a great semester.

Hack #2 – Resources

Whether you’re coming back to study or are just starting, brush up on your research and referencing skills with CSU’s Library resources. Their free events will give you all the tips and tricks to ace the scary world of referencing!

Hack #3 – Study skills

Now’s the perfect time to hone those study skills, before the assessments start rolling in so schedule in a few online workshops. There are workshops on exam tips, academic writing, essay writing and so much more.

Hack #4 – Get ahead

Don’t let the holiday season distract you from doing your best! Keep practicing your skills or learn new content through short StudyLink courses to get you ready for next year. Spending some time revising now will set you up for success, so you don’t lose the knowledge you’ve learnt already.

Hack #5 – Key dates

There is nothing worse than missing a deadline because you forgot. So, grab a calendar or diary and put in your key dates for session 3. You should know:

  • When classes commence
  • Census date
  • Assignment due dates
  • Exam periods

With these hacks you’ll be flying through Session 3! Remember to keep a healthy balance between studies and summer, so you don’t miss out on the festivities.