Quiz: Are you ready for online study?

Are you starting your degree in Session 2 2019?

There are lots of small things that you can do to make sure you are ready to start your journey at Charles Sturt University as an online student. Take the quiz to make sure you are ready!


Have you done these essentials: Checked what subjects you're enrolled in + nominated how you’ll pay your fees + ordered your CSU card?

Have you checked what scholarships might be available?

Have you checked if any of your subjects have a Residential School?

Have you explored your Orientation portal?

Are you getting familiar with your online learning spaces such as Interact2?

Have you checked if you need to order textbooks for your subjects?

Have you found what subjects are coming up in your CSU Handbook course structure?

Have you started connecting with other students online or by joining the Charles Sturt Social FB group?

Have you brushed up on your skills for studying, writing, referencing, maths, science and more?

Have you checked out the Library and it's free postage services?

Quiz: Are you ready for online study?
Mostly yes. You're well on your way to being organised!

You have gotten yourself organised and are prepared to start your online learning journey with CSU. Make the most of your time to prepare. You'll be able to add Orientation sessions to your calendar from Wednesday, 12 June. If there’s anything you were unsure of or hadn’t heard about in this quiz, you can find it in your Orientation Portal and in the links below.
You've made a great start but there are a few things still to do.

You are on your way but there are still a few important things that you need to organise so you are ready to start your course with CSU: 1. Work through your Orientation Portal to learn more about anything you haven’t heard about or haven’t done yet 2. Join an Online Orientation Workshop to find your essential online study tools 3. Add some Orientation sessions to your calendar. There will be a mix of academic, study skills, and support sessions to choose from. You'll be able to start building your personalised Session 2 Orientation calendar from 12 June 2019. You can check out where to go next with the links below!

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Here’s all the info you’ll need to…

  1. Check your subjects and enrolment
  2. View your fees and finances
  3. Order your student card
  4. Search and apply for a scholarship
  5. Check if you’ve got a Residential School
  6. Explore your Orientation portal
  7. Access your online learning space – Interact2
  8. Check if you need any textbooks
  9. Check what subjects are coming up in your course in the Handbook
  10. Join the Charles Sturt Social Facebook group
  11. Build skills for studying, writing, referencing, maths and more with our free online workshops or enrol in a Study Link short course
  12. Get to know the Library and its free postage service for online students