Make your Student Voice heard

Have your say! Share your experience of studying at Charles Sturt

Update: The second round of the Student Voice Survey is starting on Monday 20 April. Check your email inbox to see if you’ve been randomly selected this time.

Share your experiences of what it’s like to study at Charles Sturt University.

Charles Sturt is launching a new Student Voice Survey in 2020, and we’ll all get to have our say. This survey is all about giving feedback on non-teaching aspects of our uni experience and the support services we have on offer. You can also share your feedback on our support services in response to COVID-19.

What you say will help shape improvements

The university wants to understand our experiences so they know what’s going well, and where there’s room for improvement.

There have been a lot of separate surveys in the past aimed at improving key parts of the student experience. That’s where the new Student Voice Survey comes in – it replaces most other non-teaching surveys the university runs in 2020.

Everyone will be invited, so check your email for your chance to participate

Everyone will get the chance to participate in this Survey in 2020. There will be several random samples of students who will be emailed the survey throughout the year. So if you’re not in the current Survey round, don’t worry – you won’t miss out!

Everyone’s feedback is valued, that’s why there will be a draw each quarter of the year for a $250 gift card. So check your email inbox for your chance to participate in the survey and win $250.

The most creative answers to a question about what we love most about Charles Sturt University to win a $250 gift card. Check the Survey’s Terms and Conditions to learn more about how the competition works.

Upcoming Survey Rounds

  • Round 2: Monday 20 April to 11.59pm Sunday 26 April 2020
  • Round 3: Monday 1 June to 11.59pm Sunday 7 June 2020
  • Round 4: Tuesday 21 July to 11.59pm Monday 27 July 2020
  • Round 5: Tuesday 8 September to 11.59pm Monday 14 September 2020
  • Round 6: Tuesday 13 October to 11.59pm Monday 19 October 2020
  • Round 7: Tuesday 24 November to 11.59pm Monday 30 November 2020
  • Round 8: Tuesday 19 January to 11.59pm Monday 25 January 2021

Have questions? Check out the following Student Voice Survey FAQs.